Graeme Brown is a Winnipeg artist who works in pen and ink, digital art, painting, and occasionally pottery. He enjoyes exploring biomorphic forms and patterns in his art, as is particularly noticable in his tree drawings and vector graphics mandalas.

Graeme's love of art extends beyond the visual. He has been playing piano since he was six and enjoys Classical, Baroque, and Romantic era music. He also is an avid lover of storytelling, and has been building his own story world since he was a thirteen.

He has worked in web design, editing, academia, and adult education; for variety he spent one year as a Starbucks barista. Between 2011 and 2014 he was involved in cross-disciplinary research in math and computer science (for the curious, visit his blog.), and he continues to study these topics now as a hobby, especially with regard to the mathematics of patterns and algorithms.

Among other interests, he has been a long-distance runner since 2007, with a marathon time of 3:37 and a half-marathon time of 1:43.